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George, Romany, and Benji would like to thank all of the filmmakers and audience members who ventured into the Warped Dimension to partake of its unique sights & sounds; to share their insights, their humor, and their all-around good company with us and with one another. Special thanks go out to Matt Abaya for his invaluable assistance in keeping the show running smoothly, to Jeff Ross of SF IndieFest for his tactical support, to Bob Pearce of KillerBob Graphics for all the amazing Art, and last but not least, to Angela Brown for once again allowing George to transform their home into the throbbing nerve-center of the Warped Dimension.

Audience Awards

Top Feature

The Marshmallow Mystery Tour


Top Short Film (tied)

The Gray


Best US Feature Film

Zero Budget Heroes:

The Legend of Chris Seaver & Low Budget Pictures


Best US Short Film


Best Foreign Film

Whistle and I Will Come


Best Animated Film

Jason Pell’s Pinpricks

Best Art/Experimental Film

The Sword That Waits

Best Comedy Feature Film

Artists in Agony:

Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse

Best Comedy Short Film

Vampire Bud:

Night of the Living Bud


Best Fantasy Film

The Larvae


Best Horror Film



Best Music Video

Lunatic Asylum Blues


Best Slasher/Splatter Film
Hellswine 2


Staff Awards


Staff Favorite Film

An Introduction to the Theory of Eclipses


Top Trailer

Jason Pell’s Pinpricks



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