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On behalf of George, Romany, and Benji, Another Hole in the Head's Warped Dimension would like to thank all of the filmmakers and audience members who ventured into the Warped Dimension to partake of its unique sights & sounds; to share their insights, their humor, and their all-around good company with us and with one another. Special thanks go out to Matt Abaya for his invaluable assistance in keeping the show running smoothly, to Thom DeMicco of Troma for his coordinating and facilitating skills, to Jeff Ross of SF IndieFest for all of his tactical support, to Bob Pearce of KillerBob Graphics for all the amazing Art, and last but not least, to Angela Brown for allowing George to transform their home into the throbbing nerve-center of the Warped Dimension for six whole days.

Audience Awards:

These are the Audience Award winners for the Spring Edition of Warped Dimension:


Top Feature The Cloud


Top Short Film Vampire Bud: The Bud of a Vampire


Best US Film Logan Lee & the Rise of the Purple Dawn


Best Foreign Film viewers:1


Best Local Film Dating in the Zombie Apocalypse


Best Student Film Remember Me In Therapy


Best Action/Adventure Feature The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson


Best Action/Adventure Short film STALAG III-C


Best Animated Film "DISINTEGRATION" Tales Of Mere Existence


Best Art/Experimental Feature The Black Market: San Francisco (ASMR)


Best Art/Experimental Short Film Fecundation


Best Crime Film The Body


Best Fan Film Death Wish Revision


Best Fantasy Film Mind the Trap - A Fantasy Madness Adventure Module


Best Horror Feature Companion


Best Horror Short Film A Darker Place


Best Music Video Geneva Jacuzzi's Casket


Best Mystery/Noir Film Tutu Grande


Best Science Fiction Film Transfert


Best Thriller/Suspense Film Se7en Green Bottles


Best Warped Comedy Feature 13 Knives


Best Warped Comedy Short Film Distinct Properties of the Indonesian Spotted Tree Frog


These are our Staff Awards:


Staff Favorite Feature The Cloud


Staff Favorite Featurette Carry Us, Luminous Traveler


Staff Favorite Short Film Pleasant Valley Drive In


Staff Favorite Trailer A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story



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