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Friday the 13th 'Revision'"(Fan Edit) + Q&A with creator Jorge Torres-Torres Sat,June 13th 8pm free

Another Hole in the Head Film Festival presents "Friday the 13th 'Revision'" (Fan Edit) + Q&A with creator Jorge Torres-Torres

Saturday, June 13th, 8:00 pm Pacific Time*

Zoom Meeting Link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 861 1295 6521

83 kills in 85 minutes.

Jorge Torres-Torres' distillation of the entire Friday the 13th franchise won our Audience Award for Best Fan Film in 2019.

"On the surface, Jorge Torres-Torres' reimagining looks like it's just a supercut from all of Jason Voorhees' kills throughout the Friday the 13th franchise, but that is not the case at all. Even watching the first ten minutes of the film shows off how much care and dedication went into the project. Voorhees is seen with his mother Pamela plotting revenge, and then we get to see his whole character arc, going back to him first getting his mask and then later heading to space." - Kevin Burwick (Movieweb)

"I basically took the first five films and edited them as if the murders were being committed all in the same night by Jason and his mother, Pamela. The rest (parts VI-X, including Freddy vs. Jason) are edited to form a more coherent narrative even as the franchise ventures into insane storylines. In addition, I swapped music from the films with a more Giallo soundtrack, giving it a slightly romantic palette... I started this revision on Friday, July 13th [2018]. It took almost two months to put together." - Jorge Torres-Torres

We didn't want to wait until November, so we settled for Saturday the 13th. 😉



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