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Recorded Live sample of "CONAN the BARBARIAN" SLEEPBOMB re-score Some HEAVY stuff. You'll get CHILLS

Performing live during the 16th annual ANOTHER HOLE IN THE HEAD film festival.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN with live EPIC DOOM score  to the 1982 sword and sorcery classic. Dialog is audible as well as many sound fx. This is an original replacement score for the film. Re-score is by SLEEPBOMB!!!

Advance tickets are HIGHLY recommended, past shows have all sold out. This is one show you can't miss.  

Drone/doom collective Sleepbomb has been delivering mind-blowing live soundtracks to audiences for years. Now it's your turn San Francisco! Come experience Sleepbomb's original live score for the 1982 classic sword and sorcery epic Conan the Barbarian starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role he was born for. Join us December 8th 7pm at New People Cinema in San Francisco's Japantown. New People Cinema is right accross the street from Benihana ! 

You may learn the riddle of steel! Once you experiance SLEEPBOMB's live score to CONAN THE BARBARIAN  you will never be able to watch the original version again.



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