Screen Grabs bonus: Strap yourself in for the Warped Dimension fest May 7th-9th 2021

Screen Grabs bonus: Strap yourself in for the Warped Dimension fest

Horror-scifi weekend brings out killer Teddy bears, Estonian dystopia, and Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response techniques



MAY 4, 2021

The wee societal health crisis we had for the last 14 months or so may have forcibly slowed many arts organizations down, in some unfortunate cases killing them off outright. But SF Indiefest has only sped up, the many film/video showcases under its umbrella not just going forward as usual (albeit in online form), but adding additional events, plus one brand-new festival (the just-finished Livable Planet).

This weekend brings yet more where all that came from in the form of Warped Dimension (Fri/7-Sun/9), a second edition of this adjunct to Another Hole in the Head, Indiefest’s usual place for genre-oriented content.

Last year’s first Warped Dimension was billed as the first-ever film festival presented entirely on the Zoom, meaning it was streamed live (rather than its content being available throughout a longer window of time). This three-day sophomore session offers independent horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure, thrillers, comedy, animation, experimental, music video and documentary titles, plus Q&A sessions with the filmmakers after each scheduled screening. Adding to the immediacy are polling buttons (counting towards audience awards in assorted categories) and a chatbox for interaction with fellow viewers.

Opening night Fri/7 offers a double dose of futuristic fantasy: Brandon Crowson’s superhero sendup The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson at 6 pm, and anthology feature The Cloud, whose found-footage horror anthology about a malignant app (not Zoom) is based on a prior SF-based online series, at 8pm.