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A feature length documentary about grassroots horror filmmakers, The Brilliant Terror’s inspiration comes from being intimately included behind the scenes of microbudget genre filmmaking. Witness the obsessive lengths to which people will go to bring their greatest fears to life on screen--and why. At times hilarious, at times repulsive, and at times weirdly moving, this film is not only for horror fans, but for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

Shot over the course of seven years, the film follows the life of small-town auteur Mike Lombardo as he writes, directs, shoots, and reshoots (and reshoots) “The Stall.” Viewers are privy to candid moments that inform his inner drive--from his giddy triumph at successful DIY special effects to his painful personal crises to the everyday tedium of working at a pizza shop. Along the way, interviews with fierce women filmmakers, other grassroots directors, horror experts, and misunderstood fans bring fascinating diversions and unexpected viewpoints.

When a horde of mutated horseshoe crabs descends on a sleepy costal town on Prom Night, it's up to a wheelchair-bound boy and a rag tag band of locals to save the world!

A nerdy electronic musician and a troubled fan are plunged into an hallucinogenic nightmare, where they must confront an ancient Japanese entity in order to save their souls.

Three criminals on the run find themselves holed up at a notorious old hospital that happens to be the hunting ground of a masked killer.

San Francisco’s Another Hole in the Head Film Festival is a 15-day cinematic excursion into the realms of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and assorted other genre fare. Under the auspices of SF IndieFest, ‘AHITH’ has an 18-year tradition of pulling together diverse Independent films of all varieties and budgetary considerations--from major productions by professional companies to micro-budget labors of love, and everything in between. This year’s festival takes place December 1st - December 15th, 2021 with an offering of over 30 features and 200+ short films. The majority of content will be available on-demand via the Eventive platform, plus live online screenings with audience interaction and filmmaker Q&A on the Zoom platform, and long-awaited theatrical screenings at New People Cinema in San Francisco's Japantown (limited-capacity, masks and proof of vaccination required). Theatrical admissions will be $15; Eventive and Zoom screenings will be $10 each. The full schedule along with ticket links and programming details will be available at



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