BY PETER WONG OF Broke Ass Stuart

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Is it insanity or is it really possible to hold an entire film festival via the Zoom app?  The curious can find out by checking out the inaugural edition of Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension (hereafter Mr. HoleHead), which runs September 24-29, 2020 on Zoom.

The folks behind this six day festival of indie science fiction, fantasy, horror, art/experimental, and even documentaries didn’t exactly fall off the film festival organizing truck.  The Mr. HoleHead staff has also brought Bay Area filmgoers the Another Hole In The Head Film Festival.

This new festival promises to offer a different model for online film festivals than what’s currently done.  Mr. HoleHead does offer 13 feature films and 97 short films.  However, catching the films will not be a matter of watching the films any time you like once the festival starts.  Each film and shorts program will only be shown once at a set time on Zoom.  lf you miss the scheduled showing, then you’re SOL.

Torturing or inconveniencing the ticket holder isn’t the point.  The Mr. HoleHead festival aims to recreate the live film festival experience in online terms.  Q&A sessions with the filmmakers will stream live generally after the film ends.  For filmmakers who live outside the US in different time zones, other arrangements will be made.  Got a question about the film you’re watching?  Use the Zoom Q&A button to send your query.  The filmmakers or somebody from Mr. HoleHead’s staff will answer them during the Q&A session.

Feel free to make use of the Zoom chatbox while watching your movie.  Send text messages and emojis so your fellow viewers can see your reactions and perhaps offer their own feedback.

Even the audience award voting process has been simplified.  Instead of fumbling for paper and a writing instrument or sending a text message, just hit the polling button after a film ends.